China Centre Tübingen (CCT)

Political and Economic Transformation in East Asia

In summer semester 2017, CCT is running its second Ringvorlesung lecture series as part of the Studium Generale curriculum. This semester’s theme is political and economic transformation in East Asia. Lectures will be held every Tuesday evening at 20:15. Address: Kupferbau, Hörsaal 21, Hölderlinstr. 5, 72074. Lectures are open to students, staff and the general public.


Lecture Schedule

25.04.2017 Making China great again: ‘national revitalisation’ and the power of personality from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping (Lecture in English)

02.05.2017 Malaysia Inc.: Political Leadership and Economic Growth

09.05.2017 Confucian State or Ultra-Modern State? Leadership and Family Values in South Korea (Lecture in English)

16.05.2017 Democracy and "Right" Populism in the Philippines: the Rise of Rodrigo Duterte

23.05.2017 North Korea and the Kim Dynasty: A Glimpse into a Closed Country

30.05.2017 Taiwan und Hongkong: Herausforderer des chinesischen Machtanspruchs

20.06.2017 "Family Business": One Party Democracy in Singapore

27.06.2017 Japan's Relationship with China: Historical Context and Current Developments

04.07.2017 Political Leadership and Good Governance in Indonesia post-Suharto

11.07.2017 Panel Discussion: Regional Actors in East Asia and their Global Significance

18.07.2017 Who is Responsible for Vietnam's Development? The Role of International Donors