China Centre Tübingen (CCT)

Environmental Protection and Civil Engagement in China

During the past 20 years NGOs in China have undergone vast changes in all facets, from actors to strategies and function. Research on the topic has tended to focus primarily on NGOs’ relationship with government agencies and institutions and to examine such changes in this light. Summarising the past 20 years of environmental activism in China, however, Dr. Suasmikat demonstrates that a major factor influencing these changes has been internationalisation and professionalisation of NGOs.

Dr. Sausmikat has trained in Chinese and Tibetan Studies, anthropology, political science and theatre at Sichuan University Chengdu, PRC and Free University, Berlin. She completed her habilitation in Sinology at the University of Erlangen. She has worked as a project manager, freelance television and radio consultant and academic author, and has taught at the universities of Cologne, Dortmund, Bremen and Erlangen. She is currently the director of Stiftung Asienhaus. Her main research fields are civil society, political reform, biographical memory, the role of intellectuals, and Chinese women's studies.

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