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“Civilizational Dialogue and the Future of Humanity” - CGTN Interview with Prof. Tu Wei-ming

Prof. Tu Wei-ming, globally renowned expert on Confucianism and director of our partner institution World Ethos Institute Beijing (WEIB), was interviewed at last year's World Congress of Philosophy by senior CCTV moderator Tian Wei on the topic of "Civilizational Dialogue and the Future of Humanity" ( 文明对话与人类未来). This week, the interview was broadcast domestically and internationally by CCTV's global English language channel, CGTN, in the programme "World Insight."

In the interview, Prof. Tu discusses his views on the relevance and global significance of Confucian concepts, particularly the "Five Core Virtues," in the context of today's world.

[21.05.2019] China's Global Shaping Power: Transformation of Political and Financial Institutions

Nele Noesselt will give the fourth lecture in the Ringvorlesung series, China: Gestern-Heute-Morgen. She will discuss the effects of China becoming a economic power on the organisation of international institutions.
All lectures in the series take place on Tuesdays at 18:15 at Kupferbau, Hörsaal 22
More information here.

[08.05.2019] Prof. Schmidt Glintzer Speaks at Public Hearing in Bundestag: "Religious Freedom: The Human Rights Situation of Religious Minorities in China"

Wed., 8 May 2019, 15.00-18.00 Livestream from the German Bundestag

CCT Director, Prof. Dr. Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer has been invited to speak at the Bundestag in a public hearing on human rights and humanitarian aid. He will be addressing the issue of religious freedom in China, specifically the current human rights situation of China's religious minorities.

Information and parliamentary party questions here

Link to Livestream (15.00-18.00) here

May 4th Movement Exhibition and Workshop

From May 2 - 4, a workshop commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement will be held at CCT.

An exhibition on the topic will run at Weltethos Institut (Hintere Grabenstraße 26) from May 5-31 and can be visited during regular centre opening hours, weekdays 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00. The exhibition opening will be held on May 4, 19:00.

More information here.

Ringvorlesung Summer 2019 - China: Past, Present and Future

As part of the Studium Generale curriculum, CCT's Ministry of Education-funded ChinaForum Tübingen (CFT) project team has organised a series of lectures on China's social, political and economic transformation. Featuring both renowned China scholars and speakers from the world of business and the media, the series opens on April 23 with a lecture from CCT director, Prof. Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer.

All lectures will be held on Tuesdays from 18:15-20:00 at Kupferbau, Hörsaal 22.

More Information here.