China Centre Tübingen (CCT)


[25.11.2019] China and the Persian Gulf

Economics and Diplomacy on the New Silk Road

In the thirteenth Novissima Sinica lecture, Dr. Philip Gater-Smith discusses China's relations with the Gulf states in the context of the Belt and Road Initative and the changing strategic priorities of the US.

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[18.11.2019] ThinkIn China@CCT Finance in China 2.0

From Shadow Banking to Alipay

The third TIC@CCT broadcast will be on November 18th, 18.15 at CCT.

Dr. Liu Qiao's lecture will be aired, followed by commentary from Matthias Niedenführ and open discussion.

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[10.09.2019] Interview with Vera Schick on Chinalogue Podcast

Vera Schick, Programme Manager at CCT's Erich-Paulun-Institut (EPI), discusses China competence in German schools and the training of Chinese language teachers in an interview with Dr. Sabrina Weithmann.

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Link to the Podcast (in German).