China Centre Tübingen (CCT)

ThinkIN China

Established in 2010 in Beijing by Enrico Fardella, Daniele Massacesi, Francesca Valsecci and Matthias Niedenführ, ThinkIN China (TIC) is a platform for information exchange and debate about contemporary China. TIC runs numerous no-cost, open access public events, such as lectures, roundtables and workshops, as well as maintaining an active online presence and organising networking events. In this way, it has brought thousands of foreign researchers, students, journalists, business people, NGO staff and diplomatic personnel into direct contact with their Chinese counterparts to engage in open dialogue on some of the most significant political, economic, social and cultural issues China currently faces.

With sponsor support, TIC has been able to expand its operations beyond its Beijing base, and has now established branches in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Its first European branch will be inaugurated in Tübingen in 2016, supported by CCT.