Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

The TüSE Student Body – Teacher Candidates get involved

Since the beginning of the Summer Term 2017, more than a dozen diverse teacher candidates from all ages, genders, and exam regulations have worked together towards one common goal:

For teacher candidates to take initiative to support themselves and to make their study as attractive and well-rounded as possible. This means that we have committed ourselves to issues of student counselling, connecting students and the support and organization of alternative events and seminars.

As members of the student community, it’s important to us not only to act as a (collegiate) political institution, but also as budding teachers, in order to create a space in which we all can reflect upon our professional goals and the path of study through which we pursue them. In this space, we will also be able to exchange experiences and common issues with one another.

A central goal of this project is to allow students to discover which aspects of university study we feel satisfactorily prepared in, and which aspects we personally find to be lacking. We want to use the latter as motivation to constructively contribute to the process of teacher education.

In doing so, many different courses of action have so far been taken (i.e. self-organized seminar on “Emotion in the Teaching Profession,” action week for the creation of a FAQ for teacher candidates).

New offerings and activities are constantly being organized! You can find them under “Current Events.”

We’d like to thank the faculty of TüSE, who have fully supported us from the beginning, listened attentively to our needs, and have continually shown us, that our commitment is needed and appreciated at TüSE.

Are you interested? Let us know!

Contact: fachschaftspam prevention@tuese.uni-tuebingen.de
Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/fachschafttuese