Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Bachelor of Education / Master of Education

Structure of the Teaching Degree Program

Bachelor of Education

Since winter semester 2015/2016 teacher candidates complete our Bachelor of Education and our Master of Education.

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) takes 3 years. It does not yet qualify for public teaching positions, but can already be used to apply on the labor market for eduactional or other positions. It is also possible to apply for a general Master's programme after completing the Bachelor of Education.

To become a fully qualified teacher, the Master of Education is also completed (followed by teaching practice / Referendariat).

Information on the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed).

Master of Education (in progress)

The Master of Education takes 2 years. It qualifies for teaching practice (Referendariat) in Baden-Württemberg in order to become a fully qualified teacher.

You may also complete your Master of Education at other universities.

The University of Tübingen offers the new Master of Education from winter semester 2018/2019.

Information on the Master of Education (M.Ed.) will be announced here.

Elements of our Teaching Degree Programmes

Teacher Candidates study two subjects (in equal amounts) and education science. Further, school placements are compulsory:

The introductory internsip takes three weeks during the Bachelor of Education.

The internship semester takes 12 weeks during the Master of Education.

Additional subjects can be studies to qualify to teach three subjects.