Free Climbing

The climbing area is accessible for free climbing outside of course times and during KuF opening hours.

Tickets must be booked in advance.

Information on free climbing at the University Sports Centre

For free climbing you have to bring your own climbing harness and shoes as well as your own rope. A prerequisite for free climbing is mastering the basic belaying and climbing techniques. These are taught in our beginners' courses, among others.
Free climbing is at your own risk (no legal accident protection!). The user regulations for the climbing area of the university sports centre must be observed. A valid access authorisation is required for free climbing. This can be purchased on site in the Strength and Fitness Hall. It entitles you to free climbing during the opening hours of the gym.

Climbing card rates

10er ticket climbing

    Students 18,00 €
    Staff 23,00 €
    External 26,00 €

Full-day ticket KuF + Climbing

    Students 18,00 €
    Staff 28,00 €
    External visitors 35,00 €

Morning ticket KuF + Climbing

    Students 13,00 €
    Staff 18,00 €
    External 21,00 €

10er ticket KuF + climbing

    Students 25,00 €
    Staff 35,00 €
    External 42,00 €

A one-time admission fee of € 20.00 is due for all tickets.