Registration process for KuF

Registration is online only. Registration directly on site in the strength and fitness hall is currently not possible due to COVID-19.

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Information concerning registration

A fee structure depending on the status (student, staff or external) and a minimum contract period of only one month offers a very flexible use of the gym. When booking student or university staff rates, it is important to be able to present proof of status at the time of registration.

Regardless of status, we charge a one-time usage fee of 20 € for registration (incl. introduction to strength training or training plan design).

After booking a price, the training can be started directly.
Payment of the fee is to be made by bank transfer within 3 working days to the account indicated on the confirmation of registration.
During the opening hours the Center is open for free training. The climbing offer is included in the fee.


Monthly tickets:

The tickets in the weight and fitness hall can be booked by month and are divided into the different categories:

Full day ticket:
Students 18 € / Staff 28 € / External 35 €.

Morning ticket (Mon. - Fri. until 2 p.m. maximum, if open):
Students 13 € / Staff 18 € / External 21 €

10x Card: (valid for one year from date of issue)
Students 25 € / Staff 35 € / External 42 €