Activities for students from the university sports

Adapted to the needs of students, we are constantly developing new activities in university sports as part of the BeTaBalance 2.0 project. In the context of student health promotion, these activities are available to all students free of charge.

Download our current program here. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, only selected offers can be used at the moment.

HSP plus

Physical activity can increase and maintain health, reduce stress, and connect people. Our HSP plus offerings range from active break programs to stress management and special programs for first-year students.


Active break organization

Breaks in the daily study routine are important to maintain performance and well-being. If physical activity is integrated into the breaks, all the better! Depending on how much time you have, with our digital offers, the active break organization can be easily integrated into your daily study routine.

Balance Break: In the short clips you will be shown exercises that you can easily do directly at your desk.

Bewegungssnack digital: 5-7 minute digital movement break for relaxation and activation.

For all lecturers at the University of Tübingen, there is now an online media library (Nextcloud), which gives you exclusive access to our digital active breaks and allows you to integrate them even more flexibly and easily into courses. If you are interested, please send us an Mail and you will receive the corresponding access data afterwards. Since WS 21/22, a selection of videos is also available in English. 

Bewegungssnack on Tour: Mobile small sports equipment and outdoor games rental.

During the summer semester, the University Sports Department's cargo bike will once again be touring Tübingen twice a week at lunchtime (Mondays 13:45-15:45 Mensa Morgenstelle, Thursdays 12:00-14:00 University Library). Students can borrow small sports and outdoor games for a deposit (student ID). Daily updated standings of the rental also will be announced on the social media channels.


Stress management

For many students, stress is an everyday companion. To prevent the psychological stresses of everyday study life from having a chronic effect on the psyche and body, it is important to counteract them preventively. Our stress management offers help with this.

Active against stress - individual consultation


Physical activity for beginners

beginnen-gewinnen: You want to become more active in sports, but don't know which sport is the right one for you? In our "beginnen-gewinnen" [begin-win] program, you will get to know a new course of university sports every week together with a buddy. Based on health surveys, we can work with you to find out which sport is right for you. 

(does not take place at the moment because of Covid-19). 


Everyday study life can be quite stressful and nerve-racking. Finding a balance in everyday life is often the key to success. In our German newsletter InBalance , we show you how to find your balance in your study routine through physical activity, nutrition, and relaxation. You can also find more tips on our Instagram-Channel.



pro Fahrrad [pro bike]

Everyday physical activity, such as cycling, increases health and well-being. For the majority of students in Tübingen, the bicycle is the most used means of transportation in everyday life. Our offers in the pro Fahrrad [pro bike] rubric therefore range from bike checks and bike repair workshops to challenges and offers around the cargo bike.


72% of students in Tübingen rely on bicycles in their daily lives. To be safe in traffic, it is important to regularly check on your two-wheeler. Our offers will help you with that.

RadCHECK-Event (does not take place at the moment due to Covid-19)

Bike repair workshop (not taking place at the moment due to Covid-19)

How to- Videos

BeTaBike - Cargo Bike of the University Sports Center

With our cargo bike you can transport equipment from A to B free of charge and flexibly. Please note: Before the first use, the completion of the introduction is necessary.

Introduction: Arrange appointment on Mondays or Thursdays with the HSP team for the introduction. 

Click here for the video. 


Terms of use 



Every semester you have the chance to prove your skills on the bike. No matter if you are a beginner or an athlete - together in a team everyone can do their part! You can find all the important info on how to participate on our  Instagram-Channel.

From 01.05. - 30.05.22 the next HSP-RadCHALLENGE is planned. This time it's called: Cycling together in an international university comparison! Last year, Brazil was our destination. This year we will take on the whole world and compete in the international Academic Bicycle Challaneg! This will combine fun, exercise and climate protection. Athletic performance is allowed, but not a prerequisite. For our university, the goal is to reach a minimum goal of kilometers in teams of 5 over 30 days in order to be in the lottery pot for great prizes at the end!

Registration will be possible at the end of WS21/22!