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Plant diversity 1969-2019

50 Years Botanical Garden auf der Morgenstelle

We celebrate with exhibitions, guided tours, talks and a festive event on Sunday 02. June 2019!


Wir mähen Tübingen bunt! Colourful meadow!

For more biodiversity in urban green spaces

Located in the foyer of the greenhouses from March 11, 2018 to February 10, 2019

The diversity of nature in our immediate environment is decreasing rapidly. The exhibition "Mowing Tübingen colorful!" shows that it is often fairly easy to counteract this effect, even in very small spaces.

The "Bunte Wiese" is an initiative of students and staff of the University of Tübingen who promote biodiversity in public green spaces. Since 2010, the initiative, together with the city of Tübingen and the ministry Department responsible for Public Property and Construction, is working to make public areas in the city more colorful and diverse through a modified mowing regime. Accompanied by scientific studies, a lot of public relations work and activities, the colorful meadows in Tübingen are becoming more and more frequent.

How does a lawn become a colorful meadow? Are colorful meadows really creating a richness of species? Can you translate this idea to your own garden?

These and other questions will be answered at the exhibition. Beautiful photos show plant and animal life in colorful meadows. At the end you can do a quiz to test your knowledge.

Location: Tübingen, Foyer of the greenhouses in the Botanical Garden, University of Tübingen

Opening hours:

11.3.2018 to 10.2.2019

Mon-Fri 08:00 - 16:30 hrs

Sat-Sun 10:00 - 16:30 hrs

Admission is free.


The Fruit of labour – Utilisation of plants and globalization:

"The Fruit of labour" is an exhibition trail covering 10 stations and has been shown at the gardens since 14. August 2016. Along a guided path you will discover 10 information signs, these are installed directly in front of the respective plants being explained in the garden area. This installation sheds light on the global relationship structure of modern plant production: provides stories from the producing countries of our exotic everyday plants, illustrates the connections between our lifestyle and the living conditions of many people around the world. This is how the network of global sustainability concepts becomes visible; these are of vital importance in the relationship structure of modern plant production worldwide.

The graduate biologist Marian Lechner developed the concept of this exhibition in the course of his doctorate at the University of Tübingen with the aim of promoting sustainability-relevant competences.