Studying abroad when you have a child

It is possible to do part of your studies abroad even if you have a child. It does take a lot of careful organization, but time abroad is usually a great experience. Semesters spent abroad can be an additional qualification as well as a trove of useful experience when you launch your career.

The University of Tübingen answers general questions on studies abroad or an industrial placement abroad. Contact International Affairs. Here you can get information on exchange programs and University of Tübingen exchange partnerships.

Students who have a child and would like to study abroad should get advice before making their application. Consultation on exchanges: (Tues + Thurs, 9am-12 noon) will help you prepare your stay abroad.

For Asia, Australia/ New Zealand
Frau Franziska Waschek, - Tel. 29 77736 - franziska.waschek@uni-tuebingen.de

For Europe
Frau Dr. Kordula Glander, - Tel. 29 77732 - k.glander@uni-tuebingen.de

For North America, Latin America, South Afrika, Botswana
Nicole Sauer, - Tel. 29 77733 - nicole.sauerspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

For Russia, Israel
Dr. Antonino Spinelli, - Tel. 29 77490- antonino.spinelli@zv.uni-tuebingen.de

For Africa (without South Afrika und Botswana)
Christian Möllmann, - Tel. 29 77752 - christian.moellmann@uni-tuebingen.de

Special information about studying abroad when you have a child may be obtained here: