Child care during conferences

Some researchers can only attend conferences or other events if they can take their child along; when the option is available, it is a major contribution to reconciling the demands of both career and family. The Family Office advises conference organizers when it comes to providing such a service.

Guidelines for providing childcare during conferences

  1. The offer of childcare should be indicated in the invitation to the conference.
  2. The registration form for the conference should be accompanied by a registration form for child care. This form must ask for details of the child/children’s age(s) and the desired hours of childminding. Furthermore parents must be informed that the childcare service does not include accident or third-party liablility insurance, and that they will have to sign a liability exclusion form before the childcare service can begin.
  3. Experience has shown that some parents/children cancel at a late stage, or that new requests for childcare come at a late stage. You must prepare for this in your planning.
  4. The cost of the childminding service should be calculated as early as possible and ideally be calculated into the delegates’ flat rate. You may charge the parents an additional fee.
  5. It is often difficult to find rooms suitable for childcare during a conference at the University of Tübingen, particularly as the childcare needs to be quite close to the conference venue. The two existing family rooms are small and are only appropriate for care of a few children. You must register and reserve rooms suitable for childcare well in advance!
    1. The Brechtbau has a parent-child room. It is equipped with toys and a change table, and there is a toilet nearby. Contact: Frau Dr Heike Oberlin, Phone 29-74001
    2. In the family room at the Morgenstelle Campus, HSZ 16, room 3 E 06 up to three children can be cared for by up to two carers. The room has a kitchenette, table and chairs, change table, sofa, as well as toys; there is a toilet nearby. Contact: University of Tübingen Family Office, phone: 29-74961
  6. Because carers need comprehensive insurance which the University of Tübingen cannot provide, we recommend that you seek carers from the integrated service provided by TüFa, Tübinger Familien- und Altenhilfe e.V. (TüFa e.V. phone: 07071/98 05 13). TüFa has a pool of experienced and reliable child minders of good character, who have accident and third-party liability insurance via TüFa. TüFa will bill you for this service.
    Students and student assistants may not take on child minding tasks!
  7. Prior to the start of child care, the parents must sign a liability exclusion form
  8. Child minders must be able to contact the parents at any time during the conference. Furthermore one person from the organisation team must be clearly designated as responsible for the organisation of child care and he/she must be available for consultation with the childminders and parents. This person must check regularly to see if all is well or if help is needed.