Childrens’ Vacation Programs

The city of Tübingen provides many different vacation programs for children and teens. You should register your child as early as possible.

The programs are offered by various organizations; some for a few hours, some for day-long or week-long activities.

For some of the programs you must be registered as a resident of the city of Tübingen or the Tübingen district. You must register your child directly with the organization offering the program. For holders of the childrens’ discount cards KinderCard/KreisBonuscard-Junior there is usually a discount - in some cases a waiver - of the cost of programs.

Overview of childrens’ vacation programs:

CVJM Tübingen, the German equivalent of the YMCA/YWCA has programs in almost all school holidays in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

d.a.i. Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Tübingen, the German-American institute runs half-day English-language courses in the fall, Fasching/carnival, Easter, Whitsun, and summer holidays. Language-learning excursions in Germany and abroad are held in the Whitsun and summer vacations.

Evangelisches Waldheim Spatzennest e.V., offers half-day or full-day Easter and summer holiday activities for children and teens between the ages of 5 and 16.

Familienbildungsstätte Tübingen, offers half-day or full-day courses running for up to a week in all school holidays.

Institut Francaise Tübingen, provides half-day language courses in the fall and Easter vacations.

Regierungspräsidium Tübingen,Kindersommer-Mühlbachbande. Important: Only for University of Tübingen employees! All-day vacation childcare, full weeks must be booked. Register using this Anmeldeformular to be submitted to Ingrid Hoch (chancengleichheitspam prevention@verwaltung.uni-tuebingen.de) at the Equal Opportunities office.

Stadt Tübingen, Vacation programs for primary-school children in the Easter, Whitsun, summer, fall, Christmas vacations, all-day care.

Werkstatthaus, in the Französisches Viertel, offers half-day courses in all school holidays except Christmas.

TSG Feriensportcamps, Easter, Whitsun, summer, and fall vacations, sports and other physical activities, all-day care.

Note: Some Tübingen clubs offer vacation programs for their members; please make enquiries directly to the club or association.

If you have the KinderCard/ Kreisbonuscard Junior, you can get a discounted child’s season ticket to the Tübingen municipal swimming pool for currently 17 euros. You will need a passport-format photo of the child for the card to be issued.