Childcare places for the children of University of Tübingen students

For the children of students at the University, Student Services - Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim - offers places at various locations. The parents do not have to live in Tübingen. The children of doctoral students is possible. Details at: website Studierendenwerk.

Students with children under the age of three should enquire at the daycare facilities of the “Studentische Elterninitiative e.V..” They offer daycare places for infants as young as six months! Details at: Studentischen Elterninitiative e.V.

Daycare places outside of the University

There are further options for childcare with privately-run and municiple-administered facilities. Privately-run facilities include those administered e.g. by the churches, parent initiatives, and companies (for their employees).

Municiple facilities only take children who are registered as residents of the relevant district. This is also true for most privately-run facilities because they receive municiple funding.

Information on municiple and privately-run childcare facilities is available from your municiple authority.

Information on childcare facilities in the city of Tübingen may be found on the city’s website: Fachabteilung Kindertagesbetreuung. The website also includes a List of all daycare facilities.
This is how to complete the application form.

Another alternative is the day care offered via the Eltern- und Tageselternverein:

Homepage des Eltern- und Tageselternvereins Tübingen e.V. 
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