What can I do in cases of sexual harassment, bullying, or discrimination?

Cooperative Behavior at the University of Tübingen

Cooperative behavior by all people involved is indispensable to enable individuals to successfully study, teach, and conduct research at their place of work or training.

It is essential for a positive working environment and thus for success. Thus, in 2003, the Senate of the University of Tübingen adopted the Senate guidelines on cooperative behavior “Partnerschaftliches Verhalten an der Universität Tübingen”.

The guidelines identify problems in the areas of “sexual harassment”, “bullying” and “discrimination” and present possible solutions. 

The staff council is aware of how difficult it often is for the affected individuals to talk about problems and assaults. We do, however, offer employees our help and a confidential conversation.

Senate guidelines on cooperative behavior at the University of Tübingen (in German only)

Sexual Harassment and Violence

Furthermore, the universities and the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK) have appointed a counsel of trust against sexual discrimination and sexual harassment and violence in 2020.

Anyone affected at the University of Tübingen can contact her directly and receive an initial legal consultation regarding their particular situation. It is possible to contact her anonymously. The counsel of trust is bound to confidentiality. In addition to German, she speaks English, Spanish, Czech and Slovak.

Contact details of the counsel of trust:
Ms. Michaela Spandau (Javitz & Spandau Rechtsanwälte)
Immenhofer Str. 5
70180 Stuttgart
Phone: 0711 / 673 53 70 
vertrauensanwaeltin-mwkspam prevention@rechtsanwaelte-js.de 

Further Points of Contact Regarding Sexual Harassment

There are additional contact persons at the University of Tübingen for cases of sexual harassment:

Updated: 04/2021