University Library

Book your place!

Access to the University Library is only possible after booking a time slot. Please note that different booking calendars apply for different user groups and for the two locations of the University Library.
Before booking a time slot for the first time you have to create a user account in the booking system. Only one user account is allowed per person.

University Library Wilhelmstr. 32 (valley)
Click here for the booking calendar for students and other university members (with university e-mail address)
Click here for the booking calendar for external users (without Uni-Mail address)

Campus Morgenstelle
Click here for the booking calendar of the PCB library (only with Uni-Mail address)
 (The Branch Library Morgenstelle is currently closed for construction work.)


Why is a booking system being used?

The number of people in the University Library building must be limited in order to comply with distance and hygiene regulations. The booking system is used to ensure that the upper limit is not exceeded. At the same time it help users avoid coming to the University Library to only then find out that the upper limit has already been reached.

Who can use the booking system?

Members of the University of Tübingen (students, scientists, staff) and also external users can reserve a time slot using the respective booking system.

Can I make a booking on the same the day?

We have been able to reduce the time required to process your time slot reservation to 5 hours, so that bookings can now be made on the same day.

Why can't I register for several time slots per day?

We want to give as many users as possible the chance to visit the University Library. You can therefore only book one usage time per day.

How can I cancel a reservation? And do I have to?

If you no longer need or are unable to use a time slot, you are requested to delete the booking no later than 5 hours beforehand so that other people can book this time slot. At present, a later cancellation does not result in the time slot being made available for other users. Nevertheless, we would be pleased if you act fairly and cancel your booking if you no longer need it.

The fastest way to cancel a booking is to use the "Agenda" tab (overview of your own bookings).

I only need to return books. Do I also have to register via the booking system?

No, you can drop off your books at the University Library's main entrance during our opening times.

Please note that we do not issue a receipt for this return.


I only want to top up my student card or print a file. Do I also have to book a time slot?

Yes, even if you only want to spend a short time in the University Library, you must book a time slot.

We offer short stay time slots if you only want to borrow books or use the copy machines. Please book these short stays via the booking system.

To update the semester date stamp on your student card, please use the self-service terminal in the entrance area of the Student Office (open Mon-Fri from 8:30-17:00).

You can recharge your university chip card at the charging station on the ground floor of the Neue Aula (open Mon-Fri until 17:00).