University Library

The University Library is now open for a restricted number of people from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am – 1 pm, from 2 – 6:30 pm and additionally from 7 – 10 pm.

For the time being, use of the library is reserved for members of the university (students, scientists, employees).
We are using a booking system to regulate this access in which a binding reservation for a time slot has to be made at least the day before. The majority of the time slots are for a longer stay to meet the demand for student work places. However, shorter time slots can be booked e.g. for lending, printing. (See link for booking system to the right under “Quick access”.)

The University Library is only accessible using the barrier-free entrance to the main building where your access authorisation will be checked. At our checkpoint please state you name and present your university ID card. Please keep the required safety distance from others, if several people want to enter the building at the same time.

At 1 pm, 6:30 pm and at 10 pm all library users will be asked to leave the building. Please follow this request immediately so that we can then close the building.

As our digital resources and services will continue to be available for you, please refrain from visiting the library if you can and use our digital services to deal with your request. You will find all information on our page "Provisions made during our partial closure".


Who can I contact with questions?

You can reach us via WhatsApp +49 (0)1575-9087230 or by phone from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4 pm under +49 7071 29-72846.

You can also send us your questions by e-mail: informationspam

Why is a booking system being used?

The number of people in the University Library building must be limited in order to comply with distance and hygiene regulations. The booking system is used to ensure that the upper limit is not exceeded. At the same time it help users avoid coming to the University Library to only then find out that the upper limit has already been reached.

Who can use the booking system?

Members of the University of Tübingen (students, scientists, staff) can register via the booking system.  
We ask our external users for their patience and understanding that they will not be able to visit the University Library at the present time.

Why do I have to make the booking the day before at the latest?

We check your access authorisation at the entrance of the University Library. For the time being, due to organisational reasons, it is not possible to make a booking on the same day. Please register by midnight the day before at the latest.

Why can't I register for several time slots per day?

We want to give as many users as possible the chance to visit the University Library. You can therefore only book one usage time per day.

How can I cancel a reservation? And do I have to?

If you no longer need or are unable to use a time slot, you are requested to delete the booking no later than the day before so that other people can book this time slot. Unfortunately, cancellation on the same day does not currently result in the time slot being made available to other people. Nevertheless, we would be pleased if you act fairly and cancel your booking if you no longer need it.

The fastest way to cancel a booking is to use the "Agenda" tab (overview of your own bookings).

I only need to return books. Do I also have to register via the booking system?

No, you can drop off your books at the University Library's mail room without personal contact during our currently limited opening times, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 6:30 pm. You can find directions on our site plan.

Please note that we do not issue a receipt for this return.


I only want to top up my student card or print a file. Do I also have to book a time slot?

Yes, even if you only want to spend a short time in the University Library, you must register, at the latest, the day before.

We offer time slots of up to 1 hour if you only want to borrow books or use the copy machines. Please book these short stays via the booking system.

To update the semester date stamp on your student card, please use the self-service terminal in the entrance area of the Student Office (open Mon-Fri from 8:30-17:00).

You can recharge your university chip card at the charging station on the ground floor of the Neue Aula (open Mon-Fri until 17:00).

Which safety rules apply when I enter the University Library?

The general rules of distance and hygiene apply:
access to the building is only allowed with a mask or other mouth and nose covering; please keep a distance of at least 2 meters to all people in the building; wash your hands regularly; gatherings of more than five people are prohibited.

Please wear the mouth-nose covering also within the University Library in all areas. However, you are allowed to take off the mouth-nose-covering as long as you are sitting at a student work place.

Are all areas of the University Library accessible?

No, the following workspaces are currently not available: Washhalle, group study rooms in the Ammerbau, Bonatzbau (with the Historical Reading Room), workstations in the passage from the main building to the Bonatzbau, the learning centre on the 1st floor, seats in the foyer.

Please also note the barriers we have installed to secure the necessary distances in the areas of use.

Which services are available within the University Library?

You can borrow and return books, copy, scan or print files using the multifunctional printer/copiers provided and use our individual computer workstations.

Unfortunately, group work is not possible under the given circumstances. The group study rooms are therefore not available.

Where can I get information or other help in the University Library?

Please contact the staff at the service counters only, as we have installed hygiene barriers there. The counters in the Lending Center and in the Ammerbau are staffed throughout our opening hours.

Are the office hours of the Student Department at the Information Desk, the Genius Bar and other services still on offer?

No, unfortunately not at this time.

I would like to work in the manuscript reading room or in the university archive, but the Bonatzbau is closed. What can I do?

You can make an individual appointment in the Manuscript Reading Room (handschriftenspam or with the University Archives (uatspam Please send an e-mail in advance.

Registration via the booking system is not necessary.

Is the “Raum der Stille” accessible?

As the passage to the Bonatzbau with its workspaces is currently closed, the Raum der Stille is not accessible at the moment.

I am dependent on a workspace in the UB because I cannot work at home due to family or other social reasons. Do I also have to register?

Please try first of all to book a time slot via the booking system. If all spaces are occupied, please contact us by email stating your reasons: informationspam

Is the cafeteria open again?

No, the canteens and cafeterias will remain closed for the time being.