University Library

Effects of the latest Corona Restrictions

The current Corona Regulations allow academic libraries to check out and return books.

University Library Wilhelmstr.

The following applies to the University Library:

  • The University Library is open Mon.-Fri. from 9:00am-5:00pm for the check-out and return of books only.
  • Access is controlled by the traffic light system (see FAQs below) and is currently limited to 25 people present at any one time.
  • Books from the open access collection (Ammerbau) must be ordered through the catalogue and picked up at the self-service collection shelves in the area adjacent to the Issue Desk (Ausleihzentrum).
  • You will receive a notification email when the items you ordered are ready for pickup and loan. (Please keep the default setting "Yes" for "Notification when available?" in the ordering process).
  • Return of borrowed books is possible in the Lending Center (Ausleihzentrum, 1st floor).
  • Fines and fees can be paid through bank transfer (see below: payment of fees).
  • Late fees will be suspended initially until the 28th of February 2021.
  •  Access to workstations is not available.
  •  The Learning Center, Ammerbau, Waschhalle, Manuscript Reading Room and University Archives continue to be closed. (Orders for the Manuscript Reading Room will be cancelled).
  •  Please continue to make use our digital document delivery services and our online resources.

Morgenstelle Campus

The following applies to the Morgenstelle Campus:

  • The Natural Sciences Branch Library (MST) is open Mon - Fri from 9 am - 5 pm for the loan and return of books only.
  • Access is controlled by the traffic light system (FAQ below) and is currently limited to 10 people present at any one time.
  • Books from the MST textbook collection and the MST loan collection can be borrowed directly.
  • Books from the MST lending collection can also be ordered and collected from the Branch Library.
  • You will receive a notification e-mail as soon as the media you have ordered are ready for collection and loan. (Please keep the default setting "Yes" for "Notification when available?" in the ordering process).
  • Fees can be paid.
  • Late fees are initially suspended until 28th February 2021.
  • Access to the study area and work stations is not available.
  • The PCB Bib will remain closed until further notice.

I still have questions ...

You can reach us via WhatsApp +49 (0)1575-9087230 or on the phone from Monday till Friday from 9 am - 4.30 pm: +49 7071 29-72846. (Except on public holidays)

You can also send us your questions via email: informationspam


Traffic light system FAQs

How does the traffic light system work?

Using the traffic light system, we determine the number of people entering the library. Card terminals are set up at the entrances for this purpose. When entering and leaving the building, place your university ID or library card on these terminals.

The traffic light shows the current access status:

  •    If the light is green, you are allowed to enter the library (sufficient places available, upper limit not reached)
  •    If the light is yellow you may enter the library (library is already very full, but the upper limit is not yet reached)
  •    If the light is red, you are not allowed to enter the library (library is full, upper limit reached): Please wait until a seat becomes available again and the traffic light is yellow or green. Please make sure that you keep the required minimum distances while waiting.

The current access status is available on the website of the University Library. You can find out whether the traffic light is green, amber or red and how many of the maximum permitted seats are already occupied.


Which library cards are valid for entry?

The traffic light system accepts the following chip cards: student card, employee ID, university card, university card/UKT, personalised guest card, University Library user card.

University chip cards without a photo (like anonymous guest card, personalised institute card) may not be used to access the University Library, as contact data tracking is not guaranteed.
If available, please use your personal chip card or get a library card. 

Unfortunately, the employee card of the University Hospital does not work with our traffic light system. Please use the so-called university card/UKT or a University Library user card.

How can I get a library card?

External users can apply for a library card by email. Please send scans of the application form and your identity card (front and back) or your passport with your confirmation of registration (Meldebescheinigung - not older than 6 weeks) to ortsleihespam

You can find the registration form here.

The library card costs 10 Euro once, for students of the university region Tübingen it is free of charge.  All further information as well as the payment modalities will be sent to you by e-mail after receipt of the documents. You accept our library regulations with your application for a library card.

What personal data is collected through the traffic light system?

When you place your card on the terminal, only the card number of your card is recorded and it is noted when you entered or left the library.
The data is collected on the basis of §§ 14 and 6 of the "Ordinance of the State Government on infection-protective measures against the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus" (Corona-VO). The University of Tübingen is obliged to collect and store your contact data for the purpose of providing information to the public health department or the local police authority according to §§ 16, 25 IfSG. Your data will be stored for four weeks after submission.


I only want to return books. Do I also have to go through the traffic light system?

Books can only be returned in the Lending Center (1st floor). To do this, when entering and leaving the building, place your university ID or library card on the card terminals.


What can I do from home?

Termination of enrollment

In order to terminate your enrollment, you need confirmation from the University Library stating that you no longer have any library items checked out and also no outstanding fees. You can find the form here. Please send the completed and signed form to ausleihzentrumspam Should you not have access to a scanner, you can also send a good quality photograph of the signed form to the above address. If you still have any items checked out, please return them to the mail room at the University Library (Monday-Friday, 8:30-12:30) or send them by post to: 

Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen 
Wilhelmstr. 32 
72074 Tübingen 

Please pay any outstanding fees via bank transfer. You can find our account information here

We will then close your library account and forward your form to the student administration office. 

Acquisition requests

We will check whether items you urgently need can be obtained as e-books and will accept acquisition requests we receive when you use the form on our homepage. 

Many older scientific publications and historical collections may already be available online and can be found through the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK). (Restrict your search by ticking the "Digital media only" box.)

Document delivery

We still want to provide you with access to the print version of articles from journals and edited volumes, even while the library is only offering limited services. For information on access options see our page on document delivery options.

We are also expanding our delivery services: 

  • Effective immediately, the “Tübinger Aufsatzdienst (TAD)” --our electronic delivery service for journal articles for which there is only a printed copy in Tübingen-- is now also available to students. You can submit your scanning request for journal articles via the catalogue, using your university email address when you order.

  • If you need an article from an edited volume, you can send your request via email to magazinspam Your message must include: title, author(s) and page numbers of the article as well as the title and the call number of the volume in which it was published. Please understand that we have to set a limit of 50 pages and one article per volume for these requests.

Please note: we have no access to the holdings of the specialist libraries. Please contact the colleagues there directly if you need anything.

Before sending the scan order, please check whether or not the journal or the anthology is already available electronically in our Catalog plus. Unfortunately, we have to decline scan orders for articles available online. If you have any questions regarding searching for journals and other media in the Catalog plus, please contact informationspam We will be happy to help.

Current Contents

You wish to keep up to date with the content of important journals? Use the "electronic current contents service" Paperboy (Platform language is German) for contents in the subjects Law, Economics, Sports Science, Classical Philology, Physics (will be expanded).

Access to our digital collections

Within the entire campus network (university workstations, wi-fi) you have unrestricted access to our licensed digital resources. 

If you need access from outside campus, you have to set up VPN (Virtual Private Network) access. Information on setting up a VPN connection to the university network can be found on the pages of the ZDV. The best way of setting up VPN access is through your operating system’s integrated tools. In case VPN acccess does not work, many publishers also provide access via Shibboleth. Usually, publishers clearly mark this option on their webpages with links such as “Log in via Shibboleth” or “Institutional Login.” 

Should you encounter any problems with setting up VPN access, please contact the ZDV support team at supportspam

You can search our digital collections using our Catalog plus and other systems (EZB  for finding electronic journals and DBIS for discovering subject-specific databases). If you are searching in Catalog plus, use the function “Narrow Search” and select “Online Resource” under “Types of Media.” During the Corona crisis, some publishers are also offering additional online resources. You can find the current list here.

Open access and freely available digital media

There are many freely available scholarly publications and digitized cultural resources listed in our Catalog plus.

Further research possibilities are:
Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue (KVK) [limit your search to the category "Digital media only"]:

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) offers indexed documents (over 150 million from more than 7,000 sources), 60% of which are freely accessible: [see language choice top right]

The Open Access Button, a free tool which sources BASE among other resources (all of the aggregated repositories in the world, hybrid articles, open access journals, and those on authors' personal pages) allows you to legally and freely read millions of articles:

DBIS [Choose your subject from the "Fachübersicht" on the left of the page]

According to Subject:

Open educational resources from and for universities are available in the Central Open Educational Resources Repository (ZOERR):

If you have any questions regarding resources in the respective subject areas, please contact one of our subject specialists:
Subject Specialists:

Subjects and fields of interest:

For information on the University Library's Open Access services, please visit our "Publishing" section.

Problems accessing licensed collections

Should you encounter any difficulties accessing our online licensed collections, please email us at emedienspam

External users and online resources

You can still access freely available journals outwith the library by using the EZB. The available journals are marked with a green traffic light.

In addition, some publishers are making parts of their publications freely available during the Corona crisis. You can find a list of these contents marked "frei im Web" here:

Publishing dissertations

Dissertations can still be published. You can hand in your dissertation and supporting documents for the online publication process without any personal contact at the University Library's mail room, Monday to Friday from 7:30 - 12:30.

You may also send these by normal post:

Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen 
IT-Abt. – Publikations- und eLearningdienste (P&E) 
Wilhelmstr. 32 
72074 Tübingen 

If you have questions regarding dissertations and online publications, please email us at edl-publspam

Workshops / Tours

Since we are currently unable to offer our regular tours and workshops, we are providing you with opportunities for learning online about selected topics. We are still working on adding to the list. This semester, you can also sign up for our online class “Informationskompetenz Online” (IK Online). The class is taught in German and covers topics such as searching for and evaluating information, citation management and information security. If you pass, you can earn 3 ECTS-points. For more information on IK Online see here

You can find information on using ILIAS here.

Payment of fees

Fees can be transferred to us using these bank account details.