University Library

University Library (Wilhelmstraße)

The following applies to the University Library (Wilhelmstr. location):

  • Access is controlled by the traffic light system (FAQ below) and is currently limited to set number of people present at the same time.
  • Books may be checked out and borrowed books returned in the Lending Center (1st floor).
  • Fees can be paid using a charged employee/student ID card at a self-service check-in counter in the Lending Center or by bank transfer (see Payment of Fees).
  • Continue to use our digital document delivery services.

Morgenstelle Campus

The following applies to the Morgenstelle Campus:

  • Access is controlled by the traffic light system (FAQ below) and is currently limited to 20 people in the Natural Science Branch Library and 35 people in the PCB-Bib present at any one time.
  • Books from the MST textbook collection and the MST loan collection can be borrowed directly.

I still have questions ...

You can reach us via WhatsApp +49 (0)1575-9087230 or on the phone from Monday till Friday from 9 am - 4.30 pm: +49 7071 29-72846. (Except on public holidays)

You can also send us your questions via email: informationspam

Traffic light system FAQs

How does the traffic light system work?

Using the traffic light system, we determine the number of people entering the library and collect their contact information. Card terminals are set up at the entrances for this purpose. When entering and leaving the building, place your university ID or library card on these terminals.

The traffic light shows the current access status:

  •    If the light is green, you are allowed to enter the library (sufficient places available, upper limit not reached)
  •    If the light is yellow you may enter the library (library is already very full, but the upper limit is not yet reached)
  •    If the light is red, you are not allowed to enter the library (library is full, upper limit reached): Please wait until a seat becomes available again and the traffic light is yellow or green. Please make sure that you keep the required minimum distances while waiting.

The current access status is available under "access possible?" on the top right of University Library's website. There you can check whether the traffic light is green, amber or red and how many of the maximum permitted seats are already occupied.

Which library cards are valid for entry?

The traffic light system accepts the following chip cards: student card, employee ID, university card, university card/UKT, personalised guest card, University Library user card.

University chip cards without a photo (such as an anonymous guest card or personalised institute card) may not be used to access the University Library, as contact data tracking is not guaranteed.
If available, please use your personal chip card or get a library card. 

Unfortunately, the employee card of the University Hospital (MACK card) does not work with our traffic light system. Please use the so-called university card/UKT or a University Library user card.

Can I work in the library without a card?

Access to the University Library is currently only possible with the aforementioned ID cards, as we use them to record your contact details and determine the number of visitors present. Access is therefore not possible without a card.

How can I get a library card?

External users can apply for a library card by email. Please send scans of the application form and your identity card (front and back) or your passport with your confirmation of registration (Meldebescheinigung - no older than 6 weeks) to ortsleihespam

You can find the registration form here.

The library card costs 10 Euro once, for students of the university region Tübingen it is free of charge.  All further information as well as the payment modalities will be sent to you by e-mail after receipt of the documents. You accept our library regulations (in German) with your application for a library card.

What personal data is collected through the traffic light system?

When you place your card on the terminal, only the card number of your card is recorded and it is noted when you entered or left the library.

The data is collected on the basis of §§ 14 par. 7 Corona-VO. The University of Tübingen is obliged to collect and store your contact data for the purpose of providing information to the public health department or the local police authority according to §§ 16, 25 IfSG. Your data will be stored for four weeks after submission.

I have lost my university/library card. Can I still work in the library?

Please inform the respective departments of the university about the loss of your ID immediately so that you can get a replacement card as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you cannot be admitted to the University Library without your identification card.

I only want to return books. Do I also have to go through the traffic light system?

Books can only be returned in the Lending Center (1st floor). To do this, place your university ID or library card on the card terminal when entering and leaving the building.

Outside our opening times, you can use the return box located to the right of the entrance to the main building to return media.

Who can answer my questions about my library account?

Please contact us by sending an email to: Ortsleihespam or by phone weekdays from 9am to 3pm Uhr under the telephone number   +49 (0)7071 29-72579.

Questions about visiting the University Library

What are the safety rules when I enter the University Library?

The general distance and hygiene rules apply: access to the building is only permitted with a medical mouth-nose protection ("surgical mask") or a mask with a higher protection standard (e.g. FFP2, KN95, N95); keep a distance of at least 1.5 m to all persons in the building; wash your hands regularly.

Wearing a mouth-nose protection is mandatory inside all areas of the University Library, even if you are seated at a workstation.

If you have been exempted from the mask requirement on the basis of a medical certificate, you are only authorized to enter the University Library under the following conditions according to the hygiene concept of the University of Tübingen:

  • You must carry the corresponding medical certificate with you and present it upon request (repeatedly, if necessary). The certificate must contain your name and an explicit reference to your inability to wear a mouth-nose covering for health reasons (further explanations are not necessary), the doctor's specialty and diagnosis may be blacked out, but the name of the issuing doctor must be legible. A copy of such a certificate is sufficient.
  • Strictly adhere to the distance rule and personal pandemic hygiene rules (hand washing; cough-sneeze etiquette).
  • If you wish to sit at a workstation, please choose a seat away from larger study areas if possible.

Do I need to provide a negative test result or prove my vaccination status?

If you would like to use a workstation or if you are staying in the library buildings for a longer period of time, you must - after proving your 3G status - pick up a place card at one of the counters and display it at your workstation.

Are all areas of the library accessible?

At present the group workrooms (ventilation problems) and the Historical Reading Room (water damage) are closed. Further restrictions are possible depending on the current state of the infection. Please also note the barriers we have put in place to secure distances in the areas of use.

Which services are available within the University Library?

You can borrow and return books, copy, scan or print files on the public multi-functional machines and use our individual work spaces. 

Unfortunately, group work is not possible under the given circumstances. Therefore, the group work rooms are not available. 

Where can I get information or other help in the University Library?

Please contact the staff at the information desks only, as we have installed hygiene protection walls there.

The information desks in the Lending Center and in the Ammerbau are staffed by library personnel during the day during the week; in the evenings and on weekends, student assistants are available at the desk in the Lending Center to answer questions.

Can I order an interlibrary loan?

The University Library accepts interlibrary loan requests for books and copies of articles from all users.
For detailed information on the requirements, process and costs of an interlibrary loan, please see our information page.

Please also note the additional document delivery offers. Depending on the state of infection, there may be delays in delivery.

I would like to work in the Manuscript Reading Room or in the University Archives

We currently offer 6 work spaces in the Manuscript Reading Room, which you can use without booking in advance.

Are the office hours of the Student Department at the Information Desk, the Genius Bar and other services still on offer?

No, unfortunately not at this time.

Is the “Raum der Stille” accessible?

Yes, you can use the "Raum der Stille" (room of silence) during our opening hours.

Is the cafeteria open again?

The cafeteria in the University Library is open weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 10:00-15:00.  

What can I do from home?

Termination of enrollment

In order to terminate your enrollment, you need confirmation from the University Library stating that you no longer have any library items checked out and also no outstanding fines. You can find the application form here. Please send the completed and signed form to ortsleihespam Should you have no access to a scanner, you can also send a good quality photograph of the signed form to the above address.

If you still have any items checked out, please send an email to ortsleihespam

Please pay any outstanding fees via bank transfer. You can find our account information here

We will then close your library account and forward your form to the student administration office.

Acquisition requests

We will accept acquisition requests we receive when you use the form on our homepage and will check whether items you urgently require can be obtained as e-books.

Many older scientific publications and historical collections may already be available online and can be found through the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK). (Restrict your search by ticking the "Digital media only" box.)

Document delivery

We still want to provide you with access to the print version of articles from journals and edited volumes, even while the library is only offering limited services. For information on access options see our page on document delivery options.

We are also expanding our delivery services: 

  • Effective immediately, the “Tübinger Aufsatzdienst (TAD)” - our electronic delivery service for journal articles for which there is only a printed copy in Tübingen - is now also available to students. You can submit your scanning request for journal articles via the catalogue, using your university email address when you order.

  • If you need an article from an edited volume from our library stock, you can send your request via email to magazinspam Your message must include: title, author(s) and page numbers of the article as well as the title and the call number of the volume in which it was published. Please understand that we have to set a limit of 50 pages and one article per volume for these requests.

Please note: we have no access to the holdings of the specialist libraries. Please contact the colleagues there directly if you need anything.

Before sending the scan order, please check whether or not the journal or the anthology is already available electronically in our Catalog plus. Unfortunately, we have to decline scan orders for articles available online. If you have any questions regarding searching for journals and other media in the Catalog plus, please contact informationspam We will be happy to help.

Current contents

You wish to keep up to date with the content of important journals? Use the "electronic current contents service" Paperboy (Platform language is German) for contents in the subjects Law, Economics, Sports Science, Classical Philology, Physics (will be expanded).


Access to our digital collections

Within the entire campus network (university workstations, wi-fi) you have unrestricted access to our licensed digital resources. 

If you need access from outside campus, you have to set up VPN (Virtual Private Network) access. Information on setting up a VPN connection to the university network can be found on the pages of the ZDV. The best way of setting up VPN access is through your operating system’s integrated tools. In case VPN acccess does not work, many publishers also provide access via Shibboleth. Usually, publishers clearly mark this option on their webpages with links such as “Log in via Shibboleth” or “Institutional Login.” 

Should you encounter any problems with setting up VPN access, please contact the ZDV support team at supportspam

You can search our digital collections using our Catalog plus and other systems (EZB  for finding electronic journals and DBIS for discovering subject-specific databases). If you are searching in Catalog plus, use the function “Narrow Search” and select “Online Resource” under “Types of Media.”

Open access and freely available digital media

There are many freely available scholarly publications and digitized cultural resources listed in our Catalog plus.

Further research possibilities are:

Our subject specialists can be contacted if you have any questions regarding resources in the respective subjects:

For information on the University Library's Open Access services, please visit our "Publishing" section.

Problems accessing licensed online contents

Should you encounter any difficulties accessing our online licensed contents, please email us at emedienspam


Publishing dissertations

Dissertations can still be published. You may hand in your dissertation and supporting documents for the online publication process without any personal contact at the University Library's mail room, Monday to Friday from 7:30 - 12:30.

You may also send these by normal post:

Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen 
Wilhelmstr. 32 
72074 Tübingen 

If you have questions regarding dissertations and online publications, please email us at edl-publspam

Training / Tours

As we are currently unable to provide regular tours and training, we offer compact self-learning courses on selected topics. The list, which you can find here is constantly being expanded.

You can find information on using ILIAS here.

Payment of fees and fines

The charge for fees and fines can be transferred to us using these bank account details.