University Library



Borrowing and returning books possible

from 12th January 2021

The University Library will again allow borrowing and returning of books at the Wilhelmstraße and Morgenstelle Departmental Library locations starting January 12th. The library itself, with study and work stations, will remain closed in accordance with current Corona regulations. Books otherwise freely available in the Ammerbau can be ordered via the catalogue as of January 12th. You will receive a message when the book is ready for you to collect at the self-service collection shelves in the Lending Center. The same procedure will be applied in the Departmental Library. You can then pick up the book as of this date, being sure to follow the access rules via the traffic light system to avoid queuing, and follow the hands-face-space rules.

For both researchers and students, the University Library offers document delivery services, more details can be found here. National interlibrary loan will also be made possible again, but here the situation is still inconsistent, so we ask for your understanding in case of delays. However, interlibrary loan orders which have been fulfilled are ready for you to collect and access to textbooks is also available. You can find a detailed overview of the services on our FAQ page.

In the next few days, please also pay attention to the offers of your respective subject library and ask there about the borrowing options.