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Newly licensed databases

"Dictionnaire des philosophes antiques“ and “Encyclopedia of Slavic Languages and Linguistics Online"

The databases "Dictionnaire des philosophes antiques" and "Encyclopedia of Slavic Languages and Linguistics Online" have been newly licensed for the University of Tübingen.

Dictionnaire des philosophes antiques: The French-language database is dedicated to philosophers of the Greek and Roman philosophical tradition and lists representatives of the Pre-Socratics from the 6th century BC to the last Neoplatonists at the end of the 6th century AD.

Access is via DBIS.

Encyclopedia of Slavic Languages and Linguistics Online: The database offers a comprehensive reference work on Slavic languages with about 400 articles. It covers all major aspects of the Slavic language family from its Indo-European origins to the present, as well as considerations of the interaction of Slavic with other languages.

Access is provided via DBIS.