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Object of the month September

Georg Clemens Perthes - "Letters from China"

Georg Clemens Perthes left his mark on Tübingen.
The German surgeon traveled to China in 1900 and worked in a military hospital in Beijing as a military doctor and opened a practice for Chinese patients in cooperation.
In 1910 he came to Tübingen and taught as a professor and worked as director at the University Surgical Clinic. Here he was mainly concerned with maxillofacial surgery and from his experiences in China and with World War I, with the surgery of gunshot wounds.

The yellow wall poster in Chinese, which he used to advertise his practice, the original German translation of it and an original letter to his foster father during his time in China, as well as much more information about Georg Clemens Perthes, can be seen and read throughout September in the display case in front of the Ammerbrücke of the University Library.