University Library

Fees and Fines

Using the university library is free of charge.

Exception to this rule are fees for interlibrary loan, document delivery and other services as well as overdue fines and fines for reminders. For futher details please consult the "Benutzungsordnung" and the "Ausführungsbestimmungen zur Benutzungsordnung".

Interlibrary loan (ILL)

For each order you will be charged 1,50 € regardless of whether the ILL request is successfull or not.

Fines (applies to each borrowed item)

1st overdue notice overdue up to 7 days 1,50 Euro
2nd overdue notice: an additional 5 Euro= 8-14 days 6,50 Euro
3rd overdue notice: an additional 10 Euro= 14-21 days 16,50 Euro
4th overdue notice: an additional 10 Euro= more than 21 days 26,50 Euro

Library card for external users (chip card)= 10 Euro

You are responsible for paying for any postal fees including insurance fees which may occur.

Repairs / Compensatory acquisitions for partial or full damage:

Loss of item on loan full costs for new acquisition or reproduction
Damage full or partial compensation for the cost of repair
Handling charge 15 Euro

Replacement fee for lost library card = 15 Euro

Replacement fee for lost bar code label = 2,50 Euro