University Library

Library account

When you register for a library card we open your library account.

Which data will be stored?

  1. Your personal data such as name, address, mailing address, user status

  2. Media-related data such as borrowing date, reservations, fees and fines, reminders

What happens with the data?

The data are used for the internal administration in connection with lending and borrowing media from Tubingen University Library. The data will be deleted at the earliest possible moment:


Printout of your stored personal data

You can get a printout of your personal data we currently have on record. Please bring your library card and ask for the printout at the main issue desk. The printout will be sent to you by post.


Library account statement

Go to "My library account" (see left menu) and click on "Kontoauszug" (Sorry, there's no English version). Then key in your library card number along with your password.

The following information will appear on your statement:

Library account statement on your mobile phone

If you have a JAVA- or WAP-enabled mobile phone or palmtop you can check your library account by phone. The software for this was programmed by Elias Volanskis. Please visit the Website UBCHECKER if you like to download the software or need more information about it.