Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV)


Members of the University of Tübingen have access to an audio and video laboratory, the DigiLab, located in the ZDV building. It offers features for the digitization of analogue media as well as processing of video and audio materials with semi-professional technology.

Audio and video editing

Four digital, nonlinear video editing systems offer post-processing of your media, the production of digital masters for archival purposes or a DVD production. Finished video projects can be directly converted into the most common video formats.

The editing suites offer the following options:

  • Cutting and editing (including real-time effects and title creation) of the digitized material.
  • Conversion of the edited video into various video formats, for replay of the video on many other devices or for Internet streaming.
  • Production of a master for digital processing (e.g. transcoding or archiving).
  • Production of a video DVD or data DVD.
  • Export of the video to external storage media (hard disks, SD cards).


Analog media such as VHS cassettes or records can still be found frequently. The problem is often the lack of suitable playback devices. To be able to use the content for research and teaching in the future, we offer you the necessary hardware to digitize your analogue media. A variety of formats is supported for this.

In addition, we can transfer your digital copies into different codecs, which simplifies further processing.

Input media
VHS, Super VHS or Super VHS-C, Vinyl Record, HDV, DV or DVCam

Output media
USB stick, external hard drive, DVD, SD card, CD


Location and contact

The DigiLab is located at Wilhelmstr. 106, basement, room 007.

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