Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV)

DFN video conferencing (DFNconf)

With the DFNconf service, employees of the University of Tübingen can independently conduct video conferences with distant participants at any time and anywhere. The DFNconf service unifies all common ways to conduct audio, video and web conferencing.


With which devices can DFNconf be used?

The service is accessible via classic video conferencing devices (which use H.323 or SIP based connections), standardized web-based solutions, mobile devices with the appropriate software app or via a telephone dial-in.

Further explanations can be found on the pages of the DFN.

Who can use DFNconf?

Employees of the University of Tübingen can create and manage conferences of the DFN. Participation in a conference is possible for everyone (including external participants) at any time. Conferences can have up to 23 participants.

What are the technical requirements?

  • Modern PC, laptop or mobile device (smartphone, tablet)
  • Internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Microphone and speaker or headset

How do I create a meeting room?

To conduct a conference, you must first create a meeting room. This can be done via the website of the service DFNconf. Click on the "Veranstalter-Login" button, then select the institution "Universität Tübingen" and log in with your user account of the University of Tübingen on the Shibboleth page.

After that you can create a conference via the button "Neuer Meetingraum". When creating a meeting room, the following parameters are defined:

  • Name of the ,eeting room
  • Description of the meeting room (optional)
  • Host PIN: PIN of the meeting organizer
  • Guest PIN: PIN for the meeting participant (optional)

Each newly generated meeting room automatically gets assigned a new unique number with the syntax 0049100979xxxxx, e.g. 004910097912345. You will see the meeting room and associated meeting room number in the meeting room overview list.

The meeting room can then be used by you as often as you like.

On the pages of the DFN you will also find instructions for creating a meeting room.

How do I invite the other participants?

On the meeting room list you will find a text template which you can send to the participants by e-mail.

The dial-in to a meeting room takes place with one of the dial-in data listed in the invitation text according to the selected access route.

The access is possible with Windows, MacOS or Linux via a browser, from a SIP / H.323 room system, with a telephone (audio only), via Skype / Skype for Business or mobile with the smartphone or tablet and  the Pexip app.

Installing the Pexip app

Participants need the "Pexip Infinity Connect" app to be able to participate in a conference with their smartphone. You can find them in the respective app stores.



For Windows (x64), MacOS (x64), Linux (debian) Pexip clients are available free of charge

The text template for the invitation of the participants already contains the links for downloading the Pexip app.

Operation of the Pexip app

Information on how to use the Pexip app can be found in the detailed instruction manual.

Can I test my connection before a conference?

You can reach the test room via the following ways:

With the test call you can test the connection to the meeting server and the video and audio transmission. You will receive some instructions and your video and audio will be returned to you (with a delay of 2 seconds to hear yourself). After approx. 20 seconds, the connection will be terminated automatically.

Important notes for a trouble-free transmission
  • The browser should preferably be Chrome.
  • A wired internet connection is very advisable.
  • A headset improves the audio transmission.