Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV)

Configuration guide eduroam


For the configuration of eduroam use the mobile configuration profile "eduroam_2018.mobileconfig" from the website of the ZDV.

Manual configuration is not supported. The profile can be used as of OS X 10.7.

Uninstall a previous eduroam profile

Before you install the profile, check whether another profile is already active for the eduroam or Wi-Fi configuration. Open the system settings and select "Profiles".

If "Profiles" is not available, just skip this step and continue with profile installation.

Select a possibly existing eduroam profile and remove it with a click on the "-" button. Then close the system settings.

Installation of the profile

Open the file "eduroam_2018.mobileconfig" with a double-click.

Click "Continue".

You will be asked for your access data. Enter your ZDV login ID here according to the schema
<ZDV login ID>@uni-tuebingen.de.
Enter your password.
Click on "Install".

The configuration is now complete. You are ready to use eduroam Wi-Fi.