Center for Islamic Theology

ERASMUS+ at the ZITh

One of the ways in which the ZITh helps to broaden the academic horizons of its students is through study abroad programs. The Center achieves this through utilising existing ERASMUS networks of higher education institutions as well as by creating new partnerships with universities. Presently, this translates to possibilities for our students to take advantage of such programs at the following partner institutions:


Checklist for Students of Erasmus+

Student Applications

ZITh Students wishing to benefit from this program should apply approximately 12 months before the beginning of their study abroad.

Institutional Coordinator:

Dr. Kordula Glander
Nauklerstr. 2, Room 8
Phone: 07071 / 29 – 77732

Departmental Coordinator:

Ertul Ortabas
Rümelinstr. 27, 72070 Tübingen
ground floor, room 4
 +49 7071 29-74880

Application Process

1st step: General information

Please contact the departmental coordinator of the ZITh no later than 9-12 months before the start of the planned stay abroad. Furthermore, please be aware of the procedures of the application process as well as the deadlines for nominations at the host institution.

Step 2: Apply for an ERASMUS+ study place

Apply for a one or two semesters abroad with a letter of intent. The application form can be found here. The deadline is March 31st for BOTH the Winter Semester and Summer Semester of the following academic year. After the nomination by the Departmental Coordinator, you must forward your application to the host university. In most cases, the application consists of three parts:

1. Online Application Form: Personal application via the portal of the host university Please note that the online application at the host university requires a declaration of acceptance for the mobility scholarship
2. Transcript of Records: List of courses that were previously attended at the University of Tübingen
3. Study Agreement / Learning Agreement: List of courses to be  attended at the host university. Please clarify in advance with the Departmental Coordinator the extent to which the coursework provided abroad will be counted.

Step 3: Apply for the Mobility Scholarship

After being nominated by the Departmental Coordinator, you have to apply online for the mobility scholarship. The portal is open from the 1st of May for the Winter Semester and from the 1st of October for the Summer Semester. After you have submitted the application you will receive an automatically generated email after which you have to register yourself on the Mobility Online Portal.

After registering and completing the online application form, please complete, print and have it signed by the Departmental Coordinator. You will also have to print out the Mobility Grant Agreement (2x) and sign it. Please send this to Mrs. Kurz / Mrs. Mayer from the International office.

Marciela Kurz / Sonja Mayer
Wilhelmstr. 9; Room 109c
Phone: 07071/29 - 76450 or 07071 / 29-77496
Deadlines for the Mobility Scholarship:

  • 30. June for the winter semester
  • 30. November for the summer semester

More Information (German)
About the Program

Tuebingen University Contacts
Ansprechpartner und Sprechzeiten im Dezernat Internationale Angelegenheiten

Checklist for Students
Checkliste für Erasmus+ Studierende


Students are required to submit the following forms to the department in due time:

  • Online Application form (printed version)
  • Learning Agreement (to be signed in advance by the departmental coordinators of the home and host universities (as a scan by email)

During the Stay:

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Changes to Learning Agreement

After Studying Abroad

  • Provide Letter of Confirmation
  • Transcript of Records
  • Experience Report (maximum 3 pages with up to 4 pictures. The report should be printed and signed by the Departmental Coordinator and include information on
    • Preparation (planning, organization and application process
    • Accommodation and study at the host university
    • Experiences of everyday life
    • Conclusions

The experience report must be printed and signed. Please send it to the departmental coordinator and to the International Office for the winter semester until 31st of March, and for the summer semester until 31st of July.