Center for Islamic Theology

Dr. phil. Gülfem Alıcı

Postdoc / Habilitandin


Center for Islamic Theology
Rümelinstr. 27, 72070 Tübingen



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Dr. Gülfem Alıcı is postdoctoral researcher (Habilitandin) in the BMBF funded research group
„Religion and Rationality“ at the University of Tübingen. She received her doctorate in Islamic Studies
from the University of Hamburg in 2016 and holds a M.A. in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies,
Study of Religions, and Turkology. She taught lectures in Sufism, Islamic history, religious
movements, and in scientific working (Islamic, Iranian, Turkish Studies). Her main research interests
include Islamic intellectual history, Sufism, manuscript studies, transmission and transformation of
knowledge. Her current research projects focus on interpretations of al-Fātiḥa in the Ottoman period
and converts in the long 19 th century.