Center for Islamic Theology

Admission and registration for your final thesis

1) Students apply for admission to do their final thesis from the examination office. By signing the application for admission, the future supervisors declare their willingness to supervise the candidate’s thesis. Subsequently, the examination’s office checks whether the candidate fulfils the conditions for admission. The candidate gets the application back with the supervisor’s named on the form. If admissions is successful, the student can make an appointment with his/her corresponding supervisor for consultation and agreement on a topic.

2) After 1-2 appointments for consultation, you should agree on the topic and further details with your supervisor. Now you need to register your thesis. The fixed time starts with the supervisor’s signature. The title that is given on the registration cannot be changed afterwards.

3) Students finish their thesis within the fixed time and submit it to the examination office (personally or posting it to the mailbox of the examination office or via mail addressed to the examination office.

4) The first and second supervisor receive the thesis for correction. They will issue their reports within approximately 4 weeks.

5) The candidate receives his/her grade from the examination office.

You can find the necessary forms as downloadable documents.