Center for Islamic Theology

Practical projects

You need to do the internships that are part of the study course outside of the lecture periods of the university.

We cannot consider internships that you did before the start of the corresponding study degree. Jobs as a student assistant or other paid jobs at university do not apply either. We can consider jobs outside of the university if they accomplish the module conditions.

In order to complete your degree within the prescribed time, you should finish your practical projects at the beginning of the last semester.

Current guidelines for the choice of internship positions

Until we have decided on final conditions, you have the following two options:

1) You can do your internship in a scholarly institution (university, pedagogical university, Academy of the Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart, or others)

If you participate actively in a scholarly event (conference, symposia, workshops, summer schools) or you organize it, we recognize this as a practical project. Active participation means taking part in a panel or giving a paper.

2) You can look for an internship position on your own according to your interests.

In this case, please contact your desired institution and write a proposal (see template below) that describes your internship idea. You should talk about your idea with one of the internship coordinators of the Center or you can submit it in writing. Only if the examination board agrees, you can submit a binding application for the position. If you do not wait for the Center’s agreement, we might not recognize your internship.

Examples: Translations; direction of prayers; Quran lessons for children and teenagers; activities in a hospital: care for foreign patients, chaplaincy, translation; activities in a court/in a prison; social work; integration.

Tip: The Federal Employment Agency offers an overview of internship databases on its homepage.

In case you already did an internship, please apply in writing for recognition at the Center’s examination board (see below).

After the internship

1) Your internship institution should issue a detailed internship certificate for you. It needs to comprise the following information so we can consider your internship:

a) Duration of your internship in working hours

b) A detailed listing of your activities

Otherwise, we cannot consider your internship.

2) Submit an application typed on the computer to the Center’s examination board. The application needs to be on paper with an original signature. Please attach your internship certification(s) in original and copy, as well as your internship report. In Addition, you should send your internship report as a Word document via e-mail to Ms. Trägner-Uygun.

Please wait with the submission of your application for consideration until you have completed the entire module practical projects. We cannot process partial applications.