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New Publication: Disembedded Markets. Economic Theology and Global Capitalism.

Author: Christoph Deutschmann, Emeritus at the Department of Sociology

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A costly Brexit? Deliberalisation of trade in services and its potential cost

Brexit will very likely lead to a de-liberalisation of trade in services. A new study by Valeria…

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Global Poverty - The World in the Poverty Trap?

Prof. Jörg Baten, Depratement of Economic History, discussed at the dialogue forum "Global Poverty -…

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Risik Sharing in the Euro Area

Interdisciplinary and International Research Project Funded by the Volkswagenstiftung

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Fortbildung von Lehrerinnen und Lehrern in Baden-Württemberg

Abschlussbericht zum Forschungsprojekt erschienen.

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Magazin Bildungshorizonte erschienen

Was ist guter Unterricht? Dieser zentralen Frage widmet sich die dritte Ausgabe des Magazins…

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“Price Promotions and Popular Events”

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms often run price promotions during popular events such as the…

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