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Award for Dr. Peter Eppinger: Roman Herzog Forschungspreis Soziale Marktwirtschaft 2019

The first prize of the Roman Herzog Institute, which is endowed with prize money of 20,000 euros, went to Peter Eppinger for his dissertation "Essays in International Trade and Global Production". Dr. Peter Eppinger is Academic Advisor to the Chair of International Economics and European Integration at the University of Tübingen.

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In his doctoral thesis, Dr. Peter Eppinger examines, among other things, the effects of the relocation of services from Germany to other countries. His analysis provides clear evidence that this "service offshoring" has created jobs in relocating German companies.

The background to this work is that, due to technical innovations, many services that were previously not tradable can now be relocated abroad. Since the 1980s, trade in services has therefore grown twice as fast as world GDP. This development raises fears among workers and raises the question: Does service offshoring threaten jobs in Germany? Eppinger's clear answer: No, it even creates new jobs in Germany. This can be explained, among other things, by efficiency gains. This is because companies are realizing cost savings through relocation, which will allow them to grow and thus create more jobs.

More information: www.petereppinger.com and Thesis