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Media check at the Institute


The equipment in the media room is open to students and faculty in their academic activities available. The existing devices are particularly suitable for seminar presentations and qualitative research projects (interview transcript).

Lent Media

How do I borrow from?

I will get back to the Gf-student assistants as soon as possible, at least 3 days before my interview by e-mail (gf-hiwisspam or come in person to the office of the Gf-student assistants at the Institute of Education, Münzgasse 26, Room 008 (the room next to the cafe pink). In the e-mail I specify which media I need, the date of when I need it. Then tell me the Gf-student assistants, if I may borrow the appropriate medium. I can pick up the media in Room 008 Münzgasse 26 (the room next to the Café Rosa), within the opening times. Again I have to bring the device during the lending period within the opening times in the space 008, Münzgasse 26 (the room next to the cafe pink) and then a research assistant Gf-handed. The borrowed equipment must be made ​​anywhere else in the house!

The loan period is usually in semester one and semester breaks in the two weeks.

Fines for exceeding the loan period will be charged:

Media: 1 € for the first week, for each additional week 3 €

Central Media Department

Here, other media are available for hire: