Institute of Education

Röhl, Sebastian Dr.

Sebastian Röhl is postdoctoral researcher in the ‘Research Group on Teachers and Teacher Education’ (Prof. Colin Cramer) at the Institute of Education and the Tübingen School of Education. He studied teaching for upper secondary schools with the subjects music and mathematics as well as the art of classical guitar in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. After working for more than ten years as a teacher, in school development, and in teacher training, he was employed at the Freiburg University of Education from 2017-2021 as an academic associate in research projects and in teaching at the Institutes of Educational Science, Sociology, and Mathematical Education, most recently accompanying the in-service master's program in Teaching and School Development (MUSE) as managing director and learning coach. Sebastian Röhl earned his PhD on the topic of "Student Feedback as an Impulse for Professional Reflection on Teaching" and additionally conducted research on the topics of "Social Participation in Inclusive School Classrooms" and "Religiosity and Teacher Professionalism."