Institute of Education

Childhood and Family Pedagogical Research Section

The Childhood and Family Pedagogical Research Section (KipF) bundles together R&D projects dealing with these issues. Focusing on application contexts is vital in this connection. It is important to promote cooperation by joint ventures with regional partners. Another priority is to build bridges between theoretical and practical approaches, and place this at the heart of our didactic.

Core challenges and tasks (in light of the above):

  • Planning and implementing research projects (basic level and evaluation)
  • Conceptualizing and supporting hands-on development projects
  • Developing and teaching innovative course material on theory-practice transfer involving pedagogical issues from early childhood and family / adult education; supporting students’ research projects in this context
  • Stimulating dialogue between actors in childhood / family pedagogical research and practice
  • Publishing new research findings

All of the above activities will require sustained cooperation from scientists and public and/or independent bodies.