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Internships Abroad

Internships abroad offer an ideal opportunity for gaining work experience in an international environment, thereby satisfying one of the requirements for an EU-wide job market. Besides obtaining an internship certificate, during the internship you can also gain key qualifications in special areas such as foreign language proficiency, communication and cooperation skills, openness, and knowledge of foreign cultures and (job) markets through contact with the culture.
Internships in an EU or EEA country and Turkey are supported through ERASMUS. The supported internships can be completed in combination with a study abroad program at a host university or be done independently of a study abroad program.
•    In general, all students who are enrolled at a university in Germany can get ERASMUS support.
•    The internship must be in the EU, EEA, or Turkey.
Due to the freedom to choose the internship institution, the selection can be based on your personal preferences and subject concentration.

Financial Support Programs & Applying

University of Tübingen
The University of Tübingen's International Office offers an overview of financial support programs that can help with an internship abroad.

University of Tübingen Gender Equality Office
The University of Tübingen's Gender Equality Office offers an overview of financial support programs and scholarships for women planning on doing a doctorate.

State Graduate Funding Program
Internships and additional professional training for graduates (students with a Master’s degree) are done through the LEONARDO da Vinci Program in which the University of Tübingen also participates. Detailed information can be found on the homepage of the University of Tübingen’s International Office in the brochure „LEONARDO da Vinci Program“.

The consortium KOOR/BEST was established for bureaucratic assistance and support with formalities. On the consortium’s homepage you can find all information about the conditions for receiving support and the application process as well as all necessary application forms (ERASMUS).

National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation
On the homepage of the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation, there is an overview of special support programs within the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The ASA-Program is a dynamic learning program whose scholarships represent a combination of theory-oriented seminars and practical stays for development policy work in countries in Africa, Asia, Central America, and southeastern Europe.

Federal Employment Agency
Federal Employment Agency offers an overview of financial support opportunities, program partners, placement agencies, projects, and ideas for independent searches with its Central Foreign and Expert Placement (ZAV).