Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

Special print collection


The Sonderdruckammlung (SDR), which has existed since 1934, currently comprises more than 9800 separations from journals and anthologies, transcripts of lectures, and various types of small print that are included in the library's catalog. In most cases, these are documents that have been handed over to the Institute's staff by colleagues in the process of scientific communication.

Estate Dieter Narr

The private archive of the folklorist Dieter Narr was donated to the institute as part of his estate in the 1990s. The drawer boxes bearing the signature SDR contain materials from the years 1898 to 1991 which have been assigned to 65 subject areas. The topics correspond to Narr's scientific interests: humanism, enlightenment, popular piety, festivals and customs, regional cultural history, folk art, dialect research, etc. The collected pictorial and written material is very differentiated and ranges from numerous newspaper clippings, special prints and brochures to handwritten notes, private photos, homemade gifts, and dialect notes or private correspondence with comments on scientific topics.