Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

Visiting Scholars

Prof. Dr. Jasna Čapo-Žmegač

Kontakt: Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb, Croatia


Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung: Forschungsaufenthalt (03-06.2017)
Jasna Čapo-Žmegač is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research in Zagreb and adjunct professor at the University of Zagreb. She has a multi-disciplinary background in ethnology, cultural anthropology, demography and French literature. She studied at the University of Zagreb before doing her MA and PhD at University of California at Berkeley. She was a post-doctoral fellow in Strasbourg and Vienna, a Humboldt Fellow in Munich and Berlin and a visiting fellow at universities of Vienna, Ljubljana, Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse and Tuebingen.

Her current research interests are in the field of anthropology of migration, especially refugee and labour (“Guestworker”) migration, the politics of identity construction in diaspora settings, return migration and transnational generations.

Among others, her publications include a book Strangers Either Way: The Life of Croatian Refugees in Their New Home (New York, Berghahn Books, 2011), co-edited volumes Co-ethnic Migrations Compared : Central and Eastern European Contexts (with C. Voß and K. Roth, Munich, 2010), and Grandfather’s dream : Transborder Experiences of Croatian Migrants (in Croatian ; with K. Jurčević, C. Hornstein-Tomić, Zagreb, 2014).

Assistent Prof. Zhang Ying

Kontakt: Foreign Studies College, Nordost-Universität in Shenyang, VR China


China Scholarship Council Stiftung: Forschungsaufenthalt (12.2016-12.2017)
Nach dem Masterstudium „European Studies“ an der Europa Universität (Viadrina) in Frankfurt (O) arbeitet Zhang Ying seit 13 Jahren an der „Abteilung für Deutsche Sprache“, Nordost-Universität, Shenyang, China. Ihre Alltagsarbeit fokussiert sich auf DaF Unterricht, Didaktik und Methodik sowie Deutsche Alltagskultur und Landeskunde.

Auf einer guten interdisziplinären Basis interessiert sie sich bei ihrer Forschung für Deutschlandstudien mit den Schwerpunkten Deutsche Alltagskultur, Migration und Identität sowie Kulturtheorie.