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The Ludwig Uhland Institute has a vibrant academic and professional network. It has cooperative agreements for research and study projects, and for practical experience through apprenticeships, training programs, and internships at museums, universities, other institutions of higher learning, municipal institutions, and privately owned cultural institutions.

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Herrenberger Mutgeschichten

A cooperation between LUI und the town of Herrenberg

In cooperation with the municipal administration LUI students collect stories of and about courageous citizens of the town of Herrenberg. They are interested in how civil courage shapes and emerges in everyday life as well as in how courageous actions of the past enabled present liberties. Drawing from these stories they conceptualize an exhibition dealing with Herrenbergs courageous past and present – presumably opening in spring 2019. The cooperation is part of the national program “Demokratie leben!” as well as part of the university’s service learning curriculum.
The student visit local celebrations to get in touch with the town’s inhabitants and listen to their stories. In the accompanying university seminar they reflect about civil courage on a theoretical level and consider the methodological implications of their oral-history-explorations. Project Management: Alexander Renz, Helen Ahner.

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