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Notes on writing seminar papers and theses

Notes on writing papers and theses

Transcription rules for seminar papers and theses

Transcription rules

Plagiarism Declaration

All written work submitted by students must include a declaration that they completed the work independently only using the sources listed.
Plagiarism Declaration
Plagiarism Declaration with electronic signature

Certificate of completed coursework

Certificate of completed coursework for LUI classes ("Schein")

Reading Recommendations

Currently, there are 90 books on the “best-of” list. They describe historical and cultural anthropology’s way of thinking and working, are examples of particularly well-done or pathbreaking ethnographies, and invite the reader to think a step further.
All EKW students should be familiar with the introductory literature by the end of their studies. The additional titles listed are recommended for more in-depth reading.

Reading list

Leaflets for internship reports

Internship report ILIAS

Internship report