Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

Organizing your Study Program in Tübingen

The "Zentrale Studienberatung" (Academic Advising Office) provides a general overview of study programs in Tübingen

Academic Advising for EKW The Institute's own Academic Advising Office helps students with subject-specific and content-related questions concerning the program of study in Historical and Cultural Anthropology: Dr. Gesa Ingendahl, Prof. Monique Scheer; office hours listed on the LUI homepage under Academic Advising

Admission/Registration/Confirmation/Change in Registration/Withdrawal/Leave of Absence, etc.: Please contact the central Student Administration at

Your official university e-mail address is an essential communications tool for everything regarding your studies - if you use other e-mail addresses, please be sure to set up a forwarding link.

Campus portal An electronic portal provides information on the organization of study programs (registration for seminars and examinations, information on grades, transcripts and other records ...) An explanation of the portal's functions is provided at - Hinweise für Studierende. (Information in German only)

Courses The current course catalogue for EKW and the entire university can be found in the electronic campus portal at

An overview of the classes offered in EKW is available on the homepage of the institute; please click on "Programs of Study" in the horizontal menu bar, and then on the heading "Current Course Offerings" in the left-hand column.

Registration for seminars Please register for classes you wish to attend through the electronic Campus portal.

Registration for examinations Registration for examinations takes place several weeks before the end of the semester. Please sign up through the Campus portal for the classes in which you need to get the credit points – even if you already registered for attendance at the beginning of the semester. Your registration for the exam is required in order for the instructor to be able to record a grade for you in the Campus system.

Administration of Examinations The LUI Academic Advising Office (Fachstudienberatung) certifies recognition of courses and seminars completed at other universities. Amendments to information in student records, certificates and provisional confirmation of degrees are handled by the Examinations Office at the Office of the Dean (Prüfungsamt des Dekanats), Sabine Dietrich (pa-ekwspam, Haußerstraße 11.

Course of studies To determine which courses in EKW are mandatory and which are electives, please consult the module handbook (Modulhandbuch) and the exam regulations (Prüfungsordnung), which are available on the LUI homepage as PDF documents (in German only). After selecting "Programs of Study" on the horizontal menu bar, click on "Information and Downloads" in the left-hand column and the links will appear under the "Downloads" heading in the main body of text.

Study Abroad Information on this topic is available on the LUI homepage under the menu heading "Study Abroad." For answers to questions in this area, LUI offers advising on study abroad.

Practical Career Skills The University's Career Service offers a wide range of courses on developing key competencies, through the Studium Profesionale. Information is available at (Information in German only.)

Courses in related fields ("Importvorlesungen") Students may freely choose the required elective course in a related field ("Importvorlesung") for module B9. The courses should be offered in, respectively, related disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and cultural studies that provide fundamental insights into cultural studies theory, and research opportunities outside of the discipline of Historical and Cultural Anthropology. Introductory and survey courses are particularly suitable choices. When in doubt, consult the academic advising office before registering for these courses.

Internships and Professional Orientation The LUI homepage offers information on internships under the heading "Internships" in the "Programs of Study" menu. For professional orientation, please click on the "Career" menu, which brings up the page on "Practice and Careers" with a link in the left-hand column to personal stories of EKW alumni, under the heading "Berufsporträts." The recognition of internships is certified by the Office of Academic Advising.