Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

Bachelor Program of Studies in Empirische Kulturwissenschaft (BA EKW)

The Ludwig Uhland Institute's Bachelor program in Empirische Kulturwissenschaft (Historical and Cultural Anthropology) is an undergraduate degree program. Within the framework of a BA program, it is possible to study EKW as a major or minor subject, or as a complementary or elective subject. The BA program is the first part of a consecutive degree program: after successful completion of the undergraduate degree, it is possible to pursue graduate studies in EKW in our two-year, research-oriented Master's program.
The Bachelor program is offered only in German. For more information on the program, please click on the heading "Studium" in the horizontal German-language menu bar on the LUI homepage, and then see the heading "BA-Studiengang" listed in the left-column menu under "Studiengänge."

Bachelor Degree Program in 6 Semesters (major in EKW)

B.A. in EKW Module Introduction and Advanced
Semesters 1/2 B 1* Introduction to Historical and Cultural Anthropology
Semesters 1/2 B 2 Cultural Analysis I
Semesters 1/2 B 3 Culture and Everyday Life
Semesters 1/2 B 4 Cultural Analysis II
Semesters 3-6 B 5 Career Fields in Historical and Cultural Anthropology I
Semesters 3-6 B 6 Culture and Regions
Semesters 3-6 B 7 Jewish Lifeworlds
Semesters 3-6 B 8 Career Fields in Historical and Cultural Anthropology II
Semesters 3-6 B 9 Culture and Society
Semesters 3-6 B 10 Popular Culture
Semesters 3-6 B 11 European Cultures
Semesters 3-6 B 12 Cultures of Collecting and Displaying
Semesters 3-6 B 13 Consolidation Module
final Semester B 14 Bachelor Exam Module
Semesters 1–6 B 15 Professional qualifications

* The modules in bold are required; the rest are electives.

A brief descriptions of the contents of each module can be downloaded here.  

Bachelor Admissions and Degree Requirements

Applying for a Bachelor of Arts Degree

Prospective students must apply to the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program, whether they wish to major or minor in EKW. Currently, 53 students majoring and 36 minoring in EKW are accepted per year. The selection process takes into account the overall grade point average, more pertinent A-level/high school grades as well as relevant experience from a job or internship. There is no set grade point average requirement. Applications are due at the registrar's office by July 15th or January 15th for the following semester. Students usually begin in the fall/winter semester (October) but can also start in the summer semester (April).

Application forms for international students are available by mail or online here. For more information on the application process, click here.

Currently, the B.A. degree program is offered only in German. If you are a student who has attended school in a non-German-speaking country, you will have to pass a language exam before being able to apply.

Important Dates

For more information contact the academic advisor: ekw.studienberatungspam

For information on participating as an undergraduate exchange student through the Erasmus program, click here.