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Research Unit Comparative Public Policy

Comparative Public Policy is rooted in various social science theories and focused on the empirical analysis of policies. How can policies and processes of policy-making be analytically described and explained? In Tübingen we focus in particular on the analysis of economic and social policies in affluent democracies. We analyse and compare policies across nations, but also have a strong focus on policies of the European Union.


Cecilia Bruzelius (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Julia Buchner (Administration)
Hendrik Dahlhoff (Student Research Assistant)
Rolf Frankenberger (Academic Employee, Academic Councillor)
Manuel Glattbach (Student Research Assistant)
Mikko Kuisma (Research Fellow)
Constantin Reinprecht (DPhil Student (Oxford) and Research Assistant)
Martin Seeleib-Kaiser (Professor of Comparative Public Policy)



Selected Publications


Journal of European Social Policy



Institutskolloquium: Dualization as destiny? The political economy of labour market segmentation

Paul Marx (Duisburg/Essen) at Wednesday, 14.11.2018, 16 h c.t. in room 124, IfP

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Institutskolloquium: The state as a source of transnational social protection: foreign aid following the European migrant crisis’

Amanda Shriwise & Cecilia Bruzelius at Wednesday, 31. Oktober 2018, 16:00 –18:00 h c.t., Institut...

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Institutskolloquium: Mehr Demokratie ertragen? : (Einige) Ergebnisse des Demokratie-Monitorings

Tim Gensheimer (Sinus-Institut) / Rolf Frankenberger (IfP) am Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2018, 16 h c.t.,...

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Institutskolloquium: Formen, Gründe und Grenzen der Solidarität

Sven Jochem (Universität Konstanz) am Mittwoch, 11.07.2018 um 16 h c.t. im IfP, Raum 124

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Institutskolloquium: A Socialist Threat?

André Walter am Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018, 16-18 h c.t. im Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Raum 124

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2018 Tübingen Lecture on Social Europe: Maurizio Ferrera on "A European Social Union: Piecing the Puzzle Together"

New institutions are seldom built from scratch. They are typically born through piecing together...

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Antrittsvorlesung von Prof. Dr. Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

Der neue Professor für Comparative Public Policy hielt seine Antrittsvorlesung im Großen Senat.

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Professor Dr. Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

Professur für Vergleichende und Angewandte Politikfeldanalyse (Wirtschafts- und...

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