Institute of Political Science

Natalie Pawlowski, M.A.

Natalie Pawlowski is research associate and lecturer at the department “International Relations/Peace and Conflict Research” at the Institute of Political Science since October 2016. On undergraduate level she studied political science and public law at the University of Tübingen. During a one-year exchange to Finland she took classes at the University of Helsinki and worked as a research intern at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. On postgraduate level she studied at the Brussels’ campus of the University of Kent, the Brussels School of International Studies, to obtain her M.A. in EU External Relations with a specialisation in Conflict and Security Studies.

In her doctoral thesis, she studies the counter-terrorism policies of European cities. She argues in this context that although metropoles are increasingly important on a global stage, their agency in the policy field 'security' constitutes a gap in the academic literature. However, international cities obtain a special role in the strategic logic of terrorist violence and respective counter-measures, given their high level of vulnerability. To research this role on a local, national and global level, she develops a research framework which is inspired by Foucault and Lefebvre. 

Research Interests

  • Critical Security Studies
  • counter-terrorism politics
  • Cities in International Relations
  • Poststructuralist and critical approaches
  • EU Foreign Policy
  • Peace and Conflict Studies

Teaching experience (regular courses)