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Institute of Political Science

Welcome to the website of the Institute of Political Science at the University of Tübingen. Founded in 1952, we are the oldest political science department in Germany, and a renowned centre of excellence in both teaching and research. We offer a wide range of courses and programmes in political science for both BA and MA students. Cutting edge research is undertaken in our research units led by our professors, all international specialists in their respective fields. 


Abels, Gabriele (Professor)

Abels, Joscha (Research Officer)

Afscharian, Dominic (Research Officer - Fus-Project)

Andrä, Christine (Research Officer)

Augenstein, Lea (Research Officer)

Barrios, Harald (Private Lecturer)

Berten, John (Research Officer / Lecturer)

Betz, Johanna (Research Officer - Project GROEG)

Bieling, Hans-Jürgen (Professor)

Bruzelius, Cecilia (Junior Professor)

Buchner, Julia (Administration)

Buhr, Daniel (Adjunct Supernumery Professor)

Conradi, Elisabeth (Private Lecturer)

Cress, Anne (Research Officer)

Dierksmeier, Claus (Professor)

Diez, Thomas (Professor)

Dreier, Volker (Private Lecturer)

Edel, Mirjam (Senior Lecturer, tenured)

Eilfort, Michael (Honorary Professor)

Frankenberger, Rolf (Senior Lecturer, tenured / Academic Counsellor)

Frech, Siegfried (Honorary Professor)

Futterer, Andrea (Research Officer - Project GROEG)

Gater-Smith, Philip (Teach at Tuebingen-Lecturer)

Glynn, Natalie (Research Officer / Lecturer)

Große Hüttmann, Martin (Senior Lecturer, tenured / Academic Counsellor)

Guntrum, Simon (Research Officer)

Hasenclever, Andreas (Professor)

Huke, Nikolai (Research Officer - Project WuDiD)

Jäger, Uli (Honorary Professor)

Jopp, Mathias (Honorary Professor)

Kiefer, Maximilian (Research Officer)

Kuisma, Mikko (MPPSC Program Lead)

Locher-Finke, Birgit (Honorary Professor)

Löw, Christine (TEA-Guest Professor)

Lucke, Franz von (Research Officer)

Meier-Braun, Karl-Heinz (Honorary Professor)

Menze, Thore (Research Officer - Fus-Project)

Messerschmidt, Maike (Research Officer)

Mohr, Edward (Research Officer - Fus-Project)

Nagel, Melanie (Research Officer - Project GROEG)

Nickisch, Petra (Administration)

Pawlowski, Natalie (Research Officer)

Plieninger, Jürgen (Librarian)

Reiss, Lea (Research Officer - MiSP-Project)

Sändig, Jan (Research Officer)

Schlag, Gabi (Senior Lecturer, tenured / Academic Counsellor)

Schlumberger, Oliver (Professor)

Schrogl, Kai-Uwe (Honorary Professor)

Schulten, Thorsten (Honorary Professor)

Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin (Professor)

Settgast, Regine (Administration)

Sowula, Jakob (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)

Templ, Karl-Ulrich (Lecturer)

Tocci, Natalie (Honorary Professor)

Trautner, Bernhard (Honorary Professor)

Tremmel, Jörg (Adjunct Supernumery Professor)

Wagner, Stief (Administration)

Wehling, Hans-Georg (Honorary Professor)

Zolleis, Udo (Honorary Professor)



Open Panel Debate: Conflict Resolution in Cyprus: Where To?

Thursday 16 January 2020 – 10:00 c.t. – Seminar Room 5, Theologicum

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Gastvortrag: The EU and Cyprus: Reflecting on the Turkish-Cypriot Experience

Erol Kaymak (Eastern Mediterranean University): Open Lecture – All Welcome. Thursday 9 January 2020,...

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Neu: IfP-Newsletter Nr. 17

Nachrichten aus dem Institut für Politikwissenschaft

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Welcome Meeting Exchange Students: 16 October 4pm

introductory meeting on Wednesday, 16 October 2019 at 4:15pm at the Institute of Political Sciences...

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New at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen?

Take part in the Institute’s SPIRIT workshop "Studying Political Science: Introduction to Research...

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Departmental Seminar: Empowering the Most-Affected in Global Governance

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hasenclever (IfP) at Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 16 h c.t., Room 124, Institute of...

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Open Lecture: Deconstructing "Ideal Power Europe": The EU and Arab Change

Münevver Cebeci (Marmara University Istanbul) at Tuesday, 2nd July 2019 - 14 h c.t. - Lecture Room...

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Workshop "Local Governance and Wellbeing": Opening Event

Martin Seeleib-Kaiser: Keynote "Migration, Mobility and Social Rights" at Monday, 01.July 2019,...

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