Institute of Political Science


The Institute of Political Science maintains many relationships with foreign universities, making it easy for foreign students to study political science in Tübingen as well as making it easier for Tübingen students to organise a stay abroad. In detail, these are the following aspects:


Guest Professors

Guest professors have been frequent guests, most recently Steven Heydemann, now Brookings Institution for several summer semesters, and Andreas Schedler, Professor of Political Science at the Social Science Research Center CIDE in Mexico City.


Guest lecturers from the Teach@Tübingen programme are always on hand, for example Dennis R. Schmidt, now Lecturer in International Relations at Swansea University or Dr. Peter Forman, University of Durham.

Teaching Program

A constantly increasing number of courses of the teaching program are held in English, several seminar types such as the "Analysis of selected policy areas" or the "Introduction into International Relations" are offered entirely in English.

Study Programs

One of our study programs, the Master's program "Comparative & Middle East Politics and Society" (CMEPS) is offered in cooperation with the American University in Cairo (AUC) and is taught entirely in English.

Exchange Relationships

In addition to those foreign students who are regularly enrolled in our courses, we maintain intensive exchange relations with foreign universities. These are

  • on the one hand, students who are studying here in Tübingen from foreign universities via the Erasmus programme or via other bilateral agreements with other universities; and
  • on the other hand, students of our degree programmes who usually attend foreign partner universities via the Erasmus programme.