Methods Center

Method Consulting, Further Education & Research Infrastructure

Statistical consulting is offered to graduate students and researchers of the University of Tübingen. Multivariate, multilevel, and latent variable methods in psychological and educational sciences are the main methods of expertise. Inquiries can be addressed to teachingspam Please be aware that consulting is currently offered only in English.

For qualitative-interpretative research projects, analysis workshops are an important tool for the procedural validation of results. There are currently two peer-to-peer-based research groups "Situationsanalyse" (headed by Jun.-Prof. with a focus on teaching Dr. U. Offenberger) and "Dokumentarische Methode der Interpretation" (headed by Jun.-Prof. Dr. F. Ulfat), in which regular group interpretation sessions for doctoral and postdoctoral projects are held. If you are interested in one of the groups or if you would like to found another group, please contact methodendozenturspam

Please also note the semestral offer of a research workshop in the field of qualitative methods of the Department of Sociology (Prof. Dr. J. Strübing).

In addition, in April and July each year, the Methods Center organizes, in close cooperation with QualiNet and the Departments of Sociology and Educational Science, Spring and Summer Schools, in which qualitative and empirical doctoral projects are presented and discussed with renowned national and international experts. Further information can be found here.