Institute of Political Science

Joscha Abels, M.A.

Joscha Abels joined the Institute of Political Science in Tübingen in September 2015 where he is currently working with Prof. Dr. Andreas Hasenclever in the department of Peace Research and International Relations as a research assistant. He has studied political science and economics (BA) at the University of Mannheim and Oslo, before beginning a masters programme on Peace Research and International Politics in Tübingen. In summer 2015, he completed the programme with a thesis on the connection between the euro crisis and inner-European peace.

Joscha Abels teaches classes on graduate and post-graduate level at the Institute of Political Science. His dissertation focuses on the Eurogroup as an informal institution and seeks to get empirical insight into i) the external effects of the group's new role on European economic governance as well as ii) the Eurogroups' internal conflict management mechanisms. A particular focus lies on the euro crisis since 2010. On a theoretical level, the thesis asks how decisions of institutional design impact on internal and external power structures and how, in this context, the rise of informal institutions such as the Eurogroup might be understood.

Between 2018 and 2019, Joscha Abels was the editor of the Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen (zib).

Teaching Experience (regular courses)

  • Theories of International Relations and Peace (MA)
  • Introduction to International Relations (BA)
  • Methods of Peace and Conflict Research (MA)
  • Deepening methods of quantitative analysis (MA)

Research Interests

  • International Institutions and institutional power
  • Political Economy and economic paradigms
  • The Euro Crisis and the euro regime
  • Concepts of peace and structural violence


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  • Abels, Joscha (2018): "Power behind the curtain: the Eurogroup’s role in the crisis and the value of informality in economic governance", European Politics and Society, DOI:
  • Abels, Joscha (2018): "Ein Europa der Finanzministerien? Die Eurogruppe im Projekt der austeritätspolitischen Restrukturierung der Eurozone", PROKLA 48 (192), 399–415, DOI: