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01./02.12.2022: Conference "How much federalism can a pandemic take? Dealing with the coronavirus and its consequences"

Federalism has come under pressure in the Covid 19 pandemic. Everywhere, the "patchwork" of regulation in dealing with the pandemic was criticised. What was allowed in one federal state was forbidden in another. At the same time, the federal states certainly switched back and forth between "Team Vorsicht" (Team Caution) and "Team Freiheit" (Team Freedom). The abbreviation MPK was previously familiar only to insiders, but since then it has become the talk of the town. For the eye was always fixed on the conferences of the Minister Presidents with the then Chancellor.
It is not the first time that the structures of German federalism have come under criticism in times of crisis. The need for reforms to improve the federal state's ability to act was also discussed during security policy crises (for example, in the aftermath of terrorist attacks). In the Covid 19 pandemic, personal concern about state regulation was clearly felt, not least in view of the unprecedented depth of encroachment on citizens' civil liberties.
Against the backdrop of the debates, the question arises as to the capacity to act and the need for reform of federalism in crises, specifically in the pandemic. How can the handling of the coronavirus and its consequences be explained? How efficient were the federal structures in Germany - not least in comparison with other states? Are unitary systems more capable of acting in crises? Are democratic states possibly even too slow in their decision-making processes in crises? What need is there for reform of German federalism and how can it be implemented?

These questions will be discussed at a multidisciplinary symposium organised by the ECRF and the Akademie für Politische Bildung (Scholarship - Education - Public Services) in Tutzing.
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